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Groups for the Kids


Little Pilgrims' Playgroups and Trips & Tix

Duxbury Newcomers' Club Little Pilgrims' Playgroups and Trips & Tix  do trips, outings, and connects our members and their children in small groups formed around kids of similar ages! The groups are formed in the Fall, Winter, and Spring and size of the group and ages depend on the level of interest and matching availability between members. It’s a fun and casual way to meet fellow newcomers with kids close in age! We'll also meet up for events such as group story time at the library or playground playdates.

If you would you like to join a playgroup, please contact Holly & Christin at

Co-Chairs: Holly Fadie and Christina Azimi



 This is a new club led by 5th graders. They wanted a way for the 'big kids' to connect. Some of the planned events include: town scavenger hunt, yoga class, s'mores & movie nights, and more. For ages 7-12ish.

Co-Chairs: Della Shelley & Clara Duffany 


And see the many yearly events like the Egg Hunt and Spooktackular too!

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